Over the last 25+ years, production technology has changed dramatically. We have made incredible advances in equipment capability. We have improved process chemistries and software to control our processes. However....that "hand-off" from Product Development to Manufacturing has not changed much. Protoduction was founded on the belief that we needed to bridge that gap between these two organizations.


What is "Concept 2 Reality"?

"Concept 2 Reality" is not just a process... Its a shift in how we develop products with you.
At Protoduction, we have 2 distinct teams that share a common goal - Bringing your products to market


Prototypes & Product Development

Our prototype team is focused on getting you functional prototypes as quick as possible.
Our equipment and processes are designed to minimize tooling costs and allow for rapid design changes.

The prototype team is empowered to make the changes necessary to bring your product to market.
We help our customer design their products through design reviews & 20+ years of manufacturing experience. We help you select material vendors that are capable of ramping to production volumes when you need them. "Concept 2 Reality" is used to transfer products from prototyping to production. We can either transfer products  to our production facility, or we can transfer your product to any other facility that you want to work with.


Production & Product Support

Our 38,000 sq-ft Production & Support facility has been building complex electronic assemblies since 1970. The facility has multiple Surface Mount & Through-Hole assembly lines, as well as test, mechanical assembly and depot repair cells. All of our technicians are IPC & J-Std certified. We have both consigned and turnkey models to suit our customers needs.




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